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Today's LUKOIL
  • 0.8% of global oil reserves and 2.1% of global oil production
  • 16.3% of Russian oil production and 16.7% of Russian oil refining
  • The 2nd largest non-state publicly traded oil company worldwide by proven reserves of hydrocarbons
  • The 6th largest non-state publicly traded oil company worldwide by production of hydrocarbons
  • The largest Russian oil business group with sales of over US$139 billion and net income of over US$11 billion
  • The company with second largest trading volumes among foreign companies traded on the London Stock Exchange (IOB) in 2012
  • A leader among Russian oil companies for openness and transparency. The first Russian company to receive full listing on the London Stock Exchange
  • The second largest tax payer in oil industry of the Russian Federation. The total amount of taxes paid in 2012 is US$39.3 billion