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LUKOIL North America


LUKOIL North America invites you as a supplier, contractor and or services provider to submit a bid for the items offered for on the LUKOIL North America website. Please note the following:

  • Your bid will be held in confidence.

  • Your offer will be evaluated based on Technical and Economic criteria.

  • A LUKOIL North America employee will contact you with specific questions and comments.

  • Please be sensitive to the specific Bid instructions and deadlines.


Information about all our actual tenders is published in ''Tenders'' section

Actual tenders

  • Technical Specifications: Will be provided upon request/submission of bidding application form (see vii below).

  • General Conditions of Contract: Provide insurance as required by LUKOIL North America LLC, including Additional Insured Endorsement, naming (or covering) LUKOIL North America LLC, its parents, subsidiaries & affiliates & owners & lessees of the properties where work is performed.

  • Special Conditions: Not specified.

  • Eligibility Criteria: At a minimum, interested bidders shall hold all required certifications and licensing to provide Compliance Services in accordance with federal and state requirements for NJ, NY, and PA.

  • Evaluation Criteria: Bids will be awarded based on overall evaluation of pricing, quality and ability to complete work on time. Evaluation Criteria List will be provided upon request and submission of bidding application form (see vii below).

  • Quote Submission Form (Price Schedule): Price form will be provided upon request and submission of bidding application form (see vii below).

  • Bidding application form: Form will be provided upon request and should be received by the Bid Committee within 14 days from the date this bid was announced. The completed form can be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail, attention to Bid Committee.

​Please note that completed price form and technical information must be provided in separate sealed envelopes, however each of these envelopes can be separately delivered by hand/mail OR combined in a single larger envelope and delivered by hand/mail. Mailing address is:

LUKOIL North America LLC, 302 Harper Drive, Suite 303, Moorestown, NJ 08057

To the ATTENTION of: Bidding Committee/Project # XX-XX​

  • LUKOIL North America LLC is not obliged to select the Suppliers who offer the lowest price.

  • Incomplete bid offers may not be considered.

  • Companies submitting complete Bid offers are welcome to be present during the process of opening bids and the price negotiation process subsequent to opening bids.

  • Submitted Bid offer shall be valid at least ninety (90) days from the bid due date.

  • No agreement shall be deemed to exist unless and until final definitive written contract is executed between LUKOIL North America LLC and the winning bidder.

  • Bids may be awarded on a per site basis. LUKOIL North America LLC may award a Bid to more than one Supplier.

  • Late quotes will not be accepted.

Each page of the offer must be dated, signed and stamped with company stamp.