LUKOIL North America
LUKOIL North America



Throughout its history, LUKOIL North America through its dealer operated multi-state retailing operations, has comprehensively strived to meet and or exceed local, state and federal guidelines for selling and storing fuels. Always concerned about its customers and the general population's well-being, LUKOIL North America's slate of products and services are marketed with sensitivity to the environment. By offering environmentally fuels such as E-10, 10% ethanol blended gasolines, LUKOIL North America contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and helps develop U.S. fuel self-sufficiency.   Bio-diesel offered in the state of Pennsylvania provides an opportunity to recycle certain oils while providing a cleaner burning fuel to the motorist.

The Company also remains committed to investing and rehabilitating sites.  It installs state of the art underground tanks and piping systems, adds new fueling dispensers and invests in tank and line integrity monitoring systems that help insure a safe and environmentally compliant operation.  LUKOIL North America, in cooperation with local, state and federal environmental officials, remains extremely sensitive to the environment's delicate nature and employs every precaution to ensure safe and thorough action in all of its processes.

LUKOIL North America diligently strives to ensure the safety of its operations' personnel, the environment and all parties that may be impacted by its operations.